Russian troops out of Ukraine! Down with the NATO!

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After the 15-16 July international meeting in Milan, the undersigned organizations agreed on the following manifesto.

The Russian imperialism attacked Ukraine. Putin denied Ukraine the right to exist, he claimed that the independence of Ukraine given by the Bolsheviks deprived Russian from a part of its territory.

Being faithful to the Bolshevik Party’s program in Lenin’s time, the signatory organizations reclaim the right of Ukraine to separation, and then to independence and to defense against the Russian imperialist attack. Neither the rule over Ukraine under the Czarist empire was defensible, nor the Russian imperialist attack can be defended by the revolutionaries now.

Blaming equally the attacker and the attacked, in the name of peace, plays into the Russian imperialism’s interests.

Pretending that it is an inter-imperialist war and advocating revolutionary defeatism amounts to bend reality and to fuel both the Russian imperialism and the other imperialisms’ scams.

Opposing the right of Ukraine to independence does not serve the Ukrainian proletariat, it does not draw the revolution closer but it repels it, while it facilitates the hold of Zelensky, who forbids the oppositions parties and the strikes.

Opposing the right of Ukraine to independence does not serve the Russian proletariat and it diverts it from the fight against its own imperialism. Yet the Russian proletariat may potentially end the war, earn the democratic liberties and build fraternal relationships with the Russian state’s national minorities and with Europe’s and Asia’a neighbouring populations.

Any workers’ organization in Russia must take a stand for

  • The withdrawal of imperialism’s troops from Ukraine, the end of the CSTO,
  • The liberation of the political prisoners and the legalization of Memorial,
  • The substitution of the oligarchs’ regime by the Soviet power.
Recognizing the right for Ukraine to exist in no way means advocating the former share of the world by the imperialist thugs, it neither amounts to support the NATO and the Western imperialist states’ militarism, and even not the Zelensky government, which is the pro-Western fraction of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie.

The mass workers’ organizations in the US, in Germany, in Britain, in France, in Canada, in Italy… have the responsibility

  • To demand an end to the sanctions against Russia (which the Russian workers mostly bear the costs), the break with the NATO, with the AUKUS and with all the military alliances of their imperialist state, the dismantling of the military bases and fleets of their own state.
  • To fight against their own bourgeois government for replacing it by a workers’ government based on the people’s armament.
Any Chineses workers’ core or organization must stand for abandoning the arms race and for closing the military bases of its own imperialism in China sea and in East Africa.

The task of any workers’ organization in Ukraine is to demand the restoration of the democratic freedoms and of the right of strike, the recognition of democratic rights for the soldiers and the elections of officers, the reversion to bilingualism and the recognition of the right for the Eastern part of the population to separate, and even to join Russia, to fight for replacing Zelensky by a workers’ government.

Long live the United States of Europe!

The signing organizations ask caucus, groups, fractions, tendencies, organizations that agree with this statement to sign it and to keep in touch.