Resolution submitted by CoReP to the Milan conference

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Decadent capitalism drags humanity towards barbarism

The profit-driven capitalist mode of production is destroying the human environment. Economic crises are recurrent, each time leaving tens of millions more workers unemployed and impoverished. The great imperialist powers that dominate the planet either want to preserve the current division of the world, or call it into question. War ravages Ukraine. Bourgeois states are annulling social conquests, restricting freedoms, repelling immigrants and reinforcing the apparatus of repression and war. Bourgeois political parties look for scapegoats, taking advantage of religion, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia…

Russian troops – out of Ukraine!

The Russian imperialist state invaded Ukraine, and Putin attributed Ukrainian independence to a betrayal by the Bolshevik Party. On account of inevitable national sentiment and the lack of motivation of Russian troops, Ukraine was not conquered. The Russian proletariat is potentially capable of putting an end to the war, conquering democratic freedoms and forging fraternal relations with the national minorities in its midst and with the neighboring peoples of Europe and Asia.

Death to NATO, Socialist United States of Europe!

The responsibility of the mass workers’ organizations of the USA, China, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Italy… is to end the military alliances of their imperialist state, to dismantle its military bases and fleets, to fight their own bourgeois government.

Rights of oppressed nationalities!

The Rohingyas are persecuted by the Burmese state. Kashmir is a victim of the Indian state. The Kurds are a minority oppressed by several capitalist states (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran); they have the unconditional right to separate and unify. With the support of the United States, Israel continues its brutal colonization of Palestine. The progressive solution can only come from the unity of the area’s proletariat, overthrowing the Zionist colonial state and the Jordanian monarchy to establish a secular, multi-ethnic and democratic Palestine. Such a state can only exist within the framework of the socialist federation of West Asia.

Women’s emancipation, sexual freedom, secularism!

The Afghan state has driven girls out of school. The Iranian state imposes the wearing of the veil. Even in the world’s most economically and scientifically advanced state, the fascist clerical wing of the bourgeoisie is restricting abortion rights and waging a homophobic campaign. Everywhere, the working class must take the lead in the struggle to make religion a private affair, to advance towards real equality for women, and for respect for the sexual orientations of all.

No to class collaboration and subordination to the bourgeoisie!

The repeated betrayals of “reformist” parties and corrupt trade union bureaucracies help the survival of rotting capitalism. This is demonstrated by the refusal of union leaderships to call a general strike in France and Great Britain. It is also shown by the impasse of the constituent assembly organized by the CCP and the SP in Chile, the DSA’s support for Biden in the USA, the SACP’s participation in South Africa’s Ramaphosa government, the policies of the PSOE-PCE-Podemos government in Spain, the support of Russia’s KPRF for the invasion of the Ukraine, and so on.

Abolition of capitalism, social revolution, workers’ international!

To halt the march to barbarism, conscious workers must band together, while helping the masses to impose a break between workers’ organizations and movements of the oppressed and the exploitative, reactionary bourgeoisie. The aim is to expropriate big capital, destroy rival bourgeois states, replace them with workers’ governments based on the arming of the people and workers’ councils, and plan production and distribution in a way that spares the planet. To achieve this, we need a program of action, a genuine workers’ party in every country, and a revolutionary communist international on a global scale.

The international conference in Milan decides to set up an international coordination to take this forward, starting with a common campaign for the withdrawal of the Russian imperialist army from Ukraine and the abolition of NATO.