Archives Mensuelles: October 2019

Chile: Out with Piñera! General strike till satisfaction! Workers’ government!

While workers and youth demonstrate massively in Haiti, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Ecuador against the cost of life, it is now the turn of Chile. On October 7, the government of the capitalist and leader of the party Renovación Nacional (RN) Sebastián Piñera, elected President in December 2017, decides to raise from 800 pesos […]

Turkish Army, out of Syria!

On 6th October, after speaking by telephone with the Turkish President Erdoğan, the US President Trump orders the withdrawal of the US army “Special forces” on the Syrian North-Eastern border. This area had been taken over from IS by the Syrian Kurdish PYD and its militias YPG, that faced the Islamists since 2013. Since 2016, […]