Turkish Army, out of Syria!

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On 6th October, after speaking by telephone with the Turkish President Erdoğan, the US President Trump orders the withdrawal of the US army “Special forces” on the Syrian North-Eastern border. This area had been taken over from IS by the Syrian Kurdish PYD and its militias YPG, that faced the Islamists since 2013. Since 2016, it received support from the US army.

On 7th October, the Turkish army is amassing troops at the Syrian-Turkish border. On 9th October,the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov opposes any emergence of a Kurdish State. On the same day, after heavy shellfire, the Turkish army invades Syria, for the third time in three years, with the support of the “Syrian National Army”, which consists of rubble from the FSA aid of Islamists that some pseudo-Trotskyists quacks (Argentine’s LOI, new Zealand’s CWG, Austria’s RKOB…) were presenting as “revolutionaries”. The invasion decided by the Islamist AKP government is supported by the Muslim clergy (the 60.000 mosques broadcast the “recapture prayer”), by the major media and by all the bourgeois parties (MHP, CHP, İYİ…).

All the workers’ organizations from Turkey, from Syria and from all the countries must speak out against the invasion of Kurdish populated areas by Turkey and by its Islamic back-up.

In the context of the war waged by the Turkish bourgeois State against its Kurdish minority, the Turkish workers’ movement must also speak out for the right to independence of the Kurdistan currently attached to the Turkish territory: this is the only way to unite the working class of all Turkey.

The workers’ movement in Syria, in Iraq and in Iran must speak out for the right to self-determination for the Kurdish minorities and for the right to create a unified Kurdish State: this is the only way to unite the working class in each State.

In the Middle East, fighting against the national oppression faced by the Kurds cannot be left in the hands of petit bourgeois (PKK, PYD…) or bourgeois (PDK, UPK) gangs. All nationalist parties put the fate of the Kurdish people to one regional power or another (Turkey, Iran, Israel…), or to imperialist powers (US, Russia…). In fighting for the socialist revolution, only the working class is able to sincerely struggle for the rights of the oppressed populations (Palestinians, Kurds…) of the religious minorities in the whole region.

Workers’ united front for the withdrawal of the Turkish army from Syria.

11th October 2019

CoReP (Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Turkey)

IKC (Spain)