CoReP Palestine letter to the L5I and OTI

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Dear comrades,

While the attacks by Zionist troops in Gaza against the civilian population continue and the army and fascist colonists persecute and murder Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, a solidarity movement with the Palestinian people has formed around the world.

Most organizations supporting the demonstrations and other protests support the call for a ceasefire. Although this could bring short-term relief for parts of Gaza’s population, it would not change the Zionist state’s fundamental stance of reserving the right to continue trampling on the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination with the support of the West imperialist powers nd continue the oppression of the Arab population in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

The revolutionary democratic solution to the Middle East conflict requires the destruction of the Zionist state of Israel that is based on Palestine colonisation. This is the prerequisite for the equality of all Palestinians (Herbrews and Arabs; men and women; Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists). This multi-ethnic, secular state must be led by a workers’ government in order to advocate for a federation of socialist states of the Middle East.

We believe that our international currents – L5I, ITO and CoReP – agree on this perspective. So we propose that,

  1. We adopt together a common statement which can have a far greater impact than the sum of our current audience
  2. Based on the call of the Palestinian trade unions, we carry out a joint campaign to take this call to the trade union organizations and workers’ organizations in the countries where we have sections or groups. We see this as an opportunity to bring a class point of view into the solidarity movement and thereby promote the development of a proletarian solidarity that is currently emerging:
  • In Britain, numerous trade unions have declared their solidarity with the people of Gaza. Workers Power reports on the activities of the MENA Solidarity Network
  • In Italy, dock workers in Livorno prevented arms deliveries to Israel.
  • In the Spanish state, the anarchist CGT and smaller unions support the Palestinian unions’ call for solidarity, and in Barcelona workers are also preventing arms deliveries to the Zionist state.
  • In Germany, too, a solidarity movement is forming in companies and unions around parts of the “trade union left”.
Organizations from the L5I, the ITO and the CoReP are already working in this direction. We therefore propose to coordinate or combine this work in order to join forces.

CoReP International Office
20 November 2023