No to the criminal NATO expansion!

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In 2014 the Kurdish fighters were hailed in the Western countries as heroes fighting against the terrorist organization known as ISIS-Daesh. Largely armed by the NATO, mainly by the US imperialism (rightly, without any protest by the pacifists that we hear today or by Putin supporters), the Kurdish forces were on the front-line in that war. Very few objected against the (totally wrong, in our opinion) later decision of the YPG/YPJ, the Syrian branch of the Turkish PKK, to continue fighting not only with help supplied by, but alongside with the US troops.

In 2015, with a view to keeping Turkey within the NATO, Trump allowed the military invasion of Northern Syria decided by Erdogan to squeeze out the PKK-YPG. From 2012 to 2015, Erdogan had funded and sheltered Syria’s Islamic gangs (especially Al-Nosra, tied with Al-Qaida).

All is forgotten now, in the crucial moment of confrontation with the Russian imperialism. In May the reformist Sweden’s government (SAP, Social-Democratic Party) and the Finland’s popular frontist government (SDP-Kesk-Vihr-Vas-SFP) decided to be part of the NATO. The Turkish State lais down conditions. The 29 June NATO summit in Madrid approved their request. Thanks to Biden, Erdogan will promptly receive all the weapons he wants, while Sweden and Finland will start renouncing to defend the political refugees (lists of people to be deported are in the making).

Our condemnation of this criminal agreement is unquestionable. The enlargement and strengthening of the NATO have taken place as part of a world confrontation, and maybe tomorrow of an open war, between the old imperialist powers, led by the US and by the new imperialist Russian-Chinese bloc, rised from the fall and of the capitalist transformation of the old Stalinist regimes.

Given this situation, where the real confrontation takes place between the capitalist bourgeoisies of the two blocks, we as consequent Leninists stand for the bilateral revolutionary defeatism and for the transformation of imperialist confrontation into a civil war and a socialist revolution.

Yet, still as Leninists, we can tell imperialist powers from non-imperialist nations and countries. This is the reason why we are unconditionally on the side of the Kurdish people against all its enemies, be they Erdogan, Assad, Fatah al-Cham (formerly al-Nusra) or ISIS, and in favour of their right to defend themselves through arms by any means. We likewise keep supporting Ukraine in its struggle for defending its national independence against the attempt of the Russian oligarchy to destroy it.

Clearly, to protest against annexations implies either the recognition of the right of self-determination of nations, or that the protest is based on a pacifist phrase which defends the status quo and opposes all violence including revolutionary violence. Such a phrase is radically wrong, and incompatible with Marxism. (Lenin, The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination, February 1916)

We endorse it without any political support to these States or nations’ leaders, still in the socialist revolution’s perspective.

Of course, we make a difference between the Zelensky bourgeoise government and a petit-bourgeois radical organization like the PKK. But we do not support the PKK-PDY-YPG’s social measures, cult of the conductor (Abdullah Ocalan), anti-Arabic measures in the Rojava micro-State, and compromises with the US imperialism.

Yet, this does not take anything away from the fact that the defence of an aggressed and oppressed nation is a duty in any case, including on Ukrain, as the revolutionary Russia did in 1920 with Turkey, ruled by the bourgeois Kemal, against Greece supported by the English imperialism.

  • No to the criminal agreements of NATO expansion
  • No arm to the reactionary Erdogan’s regime
  • Hands off the Kurdish refugees in Sweden and Finland
  • NATO and CTSO (military alliance between Russia and its satellite countries) are the terrorists, not the PKK
  • For unconditional dissolution of both military blocs
  • Withdrawal of the Turkish, Syrian and Iranian troops from Kurdish territories
  • For the unconditional right of the Kurdish people to self-determination.
  • For an independent, united and socialist Kurdistan within a socialist federation of Middle East