End the US military interventions against Iran! End the blockade!

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On 14th November 2019, the Iranian government announces a raise in fuel price. From 14th to 18th, the country is shaken by an outburst of popular anger. Having learned the experience of the popular demonstrations in 2017-2018, the Islamic Republic blocks the Internet and drowns the revolt in blood. The police, the “bassidjis” (an undercover Islamic militia) and the “pasdarans” (guards of the Islamic counter-revolution) arrest thousand opponents and kill at least 1500 demonstrators (Reuters, 23rd December). The crackdown appears especially violent against minorities (Kurds, Arabs…): then the pasdarans used machine guns in Mahshahr, a predominantly Arab city in Khouzistan (South-West).

On 3rd January 2020, the assassination of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq by a drone on the decision of the US president, had the effect – at least temporarily – of binding the population with the Iranian government and of narrowing the gap between faction of the Islamic bourgeoisie. The demonstrations of pain and protest are massive, including in Khouzistan.

In imposing blockades, as it did against Cuba, against Iraq before invading it, as it does it now against Iran, the US State gives itself the right to starve populations, to deprive them from medicine, to strangle the economy of entire countries. It gives itself the right to overthrow the governments, and even to kill those it dislikes, without having declared the war. He just did it on the territory of an allied State without consulting the government. General Soleimani’s murder is due to a conflict between the main imperialism in the world and a regional power with opposing interests in the Middle East. He was leading “Quds Force”, pasdarans’ international branch. The US State does not forgive him for playing a part in Lebanon, in Syria and in Iraq, in arming and funding Shiite militia on a sectarian and religious basis; in having participated to the defeat of the Israli army in 2006 in Lebanon; in implementing actions against tankers in Ormuz strait, against a refinery in Saudi Arabia, against an American basis in Iraq and finally against the US embassy in Iraq, as a reply against the denial of the 2015 JCPA treaty by the US and against Iran’s blockade.

But Quds Force and the pasdarans are enemies of the working class and of communism, as well as the US army military staff and the CIA leaders. The guards are not only part of the repressive machinery of the Iranian bourgeoisie, but their military staff controls a substantial part of the economy. In Syria, as soon as March 2011, long before the intervention of the Russian imperialist army in September 2015, the Quds Force helped rescuing Assad Junior from the threatening revolution.

More than once, Soleimani, the pasdarans and the Iranian State several times cooperated backstage with “the Great Satan” (the name given to the US by the ayatollahs): in 2001 in Afghanistan against the Talibans; in 2003 in Iraq for putting the provisional government in place; in 2016 in Iraq against IS.

Because of disproportionate military means, the retaliation of the clerical Iranian regime confined to missile strikes on two American military bases in Iraq – with no casualty – overnight from 7th to 8th January. By contrast, an Ukrainian company’s civilian plane full of Iranian and Canadian passengers, downed by the Iranian army, paid the cost of the military tension and of the US army interference on the electronic communications. Such a tragedy revives the demonstrations against both the president Hassan Rohani and the Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei.

The advanced workers all over the workers are in favour of overthrowing the Ayatollahs’ regime, born form the repression of the 1978-1979 revolution, which killed thousands of workers’ activists, which preserved and entered into capitalism, which suppresses strikes, which oppresses women, national minorities and homosexuals. But such a task cannot be given to Trump, to the Pentagon and to the CIA. It is up to the Iran’s working class and oppressed to chase the capitalists and the Islamic torturer, to establish a workers’ and peasants’ government based on shoras (workers’ councils), to pave the way for the socialist federation of the Middle-East, freed from the Zionist colonization and from any imperialist oppression. The best assistance to gove them is that the workers’ movement in the US, in Israel and in all the countries oppose any military intervention against Iran and demands the immediate end of the US blockade.

Halt any American and Israeli threat against Iran:

Immediate end of Iran’s American blockade!

Closure of all US, British, French and Russian military bases in Middle East and in the Mediterranean Sea, departure of the American navy from the Persian Gulf, from the Indian Ocean and from the Mediterranean sea.

12th January 2020

Collective Permanent Revolution (Germany, Austria, Canada, France, Turkey)

Internaciema Kolektivista Cirklo (Espagne)