Open borders for the refugees and free movement for the workers!

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1. Human movements always existed

2. Most migrants are students and waged workers

3. The working class is intrinsically international, the conscious proletariat fights all discriminations, it requires the largest democracy everywhere, including the right to move freely.

Decaying capitalism causes forced and brutal people’s movement

4. The survival of capitalism causes the environmental destruction (including climate warming, which particularly affects agriculture and urban water supply in North and East Africa, in Western Asia), the systematic destruction of the rights gained by the workers’ struggles, neo-colonial expeditions, the limitation of freedoms in the name of the “fight against terrorism”, the rise of religious fanaticism and of fascism, the closure of borders…

5. The imperialist powers have artificially divided the borders, they have often established despotic regimes (police regimes, military regimes, absolute monarchies…), they have regularly provided weapons, looted the natural resources, more than once supported clerical, reactionary forces (based on landowners or comprador capitalists).

6. The European, Russian and Chinese governments intervene politically and militarily abroad, in order to protect the interest of their multinationals that exploit and loot the whole world. In particular, the supposedly democratic States of North America and of Western Europe protect the military regimes or the monarchies in Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt…), the clerical and colonial Israeli regime (which discriminates the Arabs and refuses the non-Jewish immigration). They also protect the Islamic regimes in the Gulf that spread Salafism all over the world, fund the Islamic reaction and fiercely exploit the migrants in the building sector, in the agriculture and in the domestic labour, while refusing welcoming migrants.

7. The local bourgeoisies that participate in the declining world capitalism have all practiced racist or sectarian policies: the genocide of Armenian by the Turkish bourgeoisie, the expulsion of the Arabs from most of Palestine by the Israeli bourgeoisie, the exodus of the Jews under the pressure of the Baath regimes and of Nasserism, the anti-Semitic, patriarchal and anti-Shiite Salafist propaganda spread on the world scale par Saudi Arabia, the Jihadism tolerated by Israel and Syria, funded by the Gulf’s monarchies and the Islamist Turkey.

8. The French, British and American imperialism have militarily devastated the Middle East. The United States conquered Afghanistan and Iraq (2001 and 2003), France bombed Libya (2012). When the Syrian population rose up against tyranny (2011), Assad bombed it, with the support of Iran and of Russia. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has destroyed Yemen, with the support of the United States and of Israel. From 2014 to 2018, the American, French, Canadian, Italian, Belgian, Dutch… armies bombed the areas in Syria and in Iraq that are controlled by IS, Turkey bombed areas that are controlled by the PKK and by the PYD and it invaded a part of Syria with the support of Jihadists. This resulted in millions more people displaced.

9. The Kabyles are still discriminated in Algeria. The Syrian opponents faced an incredible military repression and mass torture from the Syrian bourgeois State. Iraq’s Sunnis were victims of atrocities by Shiite militias. National minorities (the Kurds) and religious minorities (the Shiites, the Yezidi, the Christians) in Iraq and in Syria were aggressed by the Daech Islamo-fascists. The Blacks are discriminated in Libya, in Soudan… Somalia, Libya and Syria are broken up. Soudan is at war against its own population (South-Soudan, Darfur…). Eritrea is a totalitarian regime.

10. Millions of Syrians and other victims of war, of poverty and of tyranny in Western Asia and Eastern Africa fled, even if their own country, mostly in neighbouring countries (those who accept them, because Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates… send the refugees back): Lebanon (1.1 million Syrians), Jordan (0.6 million), Turkey (1.9 million).

11. The 2017 increase of migration flow from Middle East and from (Eastern and even Southern) Europe to Britain and to the West of the EU is mainly due to the survival of the decaying capitalism, to the brutal rule of big capitalist groups all over the world and of some imperialist countries over the rest of the world. The slowdown of the migration flow is partly due to the financing by the EU and the UK of the detention and the persecution of migrants by the Libyan gangs and by the States in that region.

12. When borders close up, migrations continue but they become riskier, because of the permanent fear for the undocumented workers, of their overexploitation, as well as the division and the weakening of the whole working class.

13. The other outcome of the closing borders and of the erection of walls is that risk and lethality increase. Hundreds of thousands of them are stripped and brutalized by smugglers. Thousands die from drowning, from suffocation, from electrocution.

The States of the European Union are broadly responsible

14. The capitalist Europe shows its true face: States are raising walls and barbed wires, are massively expelling, most of them are clubbing the refugees, all of them lock the migrants like if they were criminals and offenders, under the applause of the xenophobic and fascist parties.

15. The yes vote at the 2016 British referendum was widely fueled by xenophobic lies and it encourages racist behaviours of the State against the citizens from Caribbean background and of the fascist gangs against the workers from Poland.

16. Indeed, the refugees are murdered by the European governments, by these men and women in suit which speeches are sometimes hypocritical, sometimes repugnant. In 2017, 1 240 000 asylum demands were lodged in the European Union. Only 538 000 of them were accepted, in wretched conditions; Even Germany restored border controls in 2018, despite its aging population and despite the shortage of labour.

17. In 2018, the EU paid 148 million euros to Morocco in 2018, for helping it to retain the migrants. In 2018, 100 000 migrants were arrested in Morocco, and then expelled in their country or detained in camps. The Italian and French governments pay the Islamist gangs, the ones which fight for Libya, for retaining the migrants, that is for exploiting them, stealing from them, raping them, enslaving them. There is currently no emergency response for the shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea, since the European Union decided to suspend the life-saving naval forces of the Sophia mission. This corresponds to an acceptation of the Salvini’s arguments, the Italian Minister of the Interior.

18. The Syriza’s Greek government, which had been supported by all the reformists and by all the centrists when it was constituted, is frenetically expelling the migrants, in collusion with Paris and Berlin, as a supplement of the confinement device of the refugees in Turkey.

Reclaiming proletarian internationalism

19. The real workers’ homeland is the world working class. Nationalism and closing borders divide the workers. The migrant workers are not only victims: like all the oppressed and all the exploited, they proved very effective in solidarity and in collective struggle.

20. While at the service of capitalism since centuries, the Christian churches are international organizations and their interests do not always correspond to the policies of the national governments. With their financial and material support, clerical associations often deal with assistance for migrants, on a standard of charity. Meanwhile they prevent them from resisting the police, they preach resignation on court judgments, while they never demand the repeal of discrimination laws.

21. The “democratic” bourgeois parties, both the traditional ones (PP, Tories, LR, CDU, OVP…) and the new ones (LREM, Ciudadanos…), tend to line up with the xenophobic parties in punishing those who are evading misery and persecution. The difference is that the former favourably welcome the foreign rich and capitalists while the latter point the Muslims as enemies. The claims by fascistic and fascist parties to defend the national workers are all smoke and mirrors: when they get to power, they support big capital as well as the bourgeois parties do, that is against the working class, which is transformed into some dust of exploited with no right and no organization.

22. The parties originated from the working class, which are actually social-imperialist, always acted like the bourgeois parties when they got to power (PCF, PS, Labour…) and they still do it (Syriza, SPD, PSB…). The new “reformist” parties (Podemos, LFI, DL…) will do the same if the enter a government.

23. The bureaucracies that lead the trade unions also defend their bourgeoisie and their capitalism, above all. However, while they are closer to the places of exploitation, some unions partially defend the overexploited foreign workers, and they even organize them. Even then, the union bureaucracy tends to isolate such struggles from the other workers and to reject them in favour or the workers’ aristocracy and its prejudices.

24. The proletarian internationalism demands that the borders are open to the refugees, to the workers, to the students, it demands papers for all, equal rights for all those who live, work and study in Europe. United front of the workers’ organizations in defense of the migrants:

Closure of the detention centres and removal of all discrimination laws,

Opening borders of all Europe to all the workers and to all the students,

Equal rights for all the workers and all the students,

Removal of the condemnations and termination of all the proceedings against those who assist the migrants and refugees.

25. Reconstruction of the workers’ International for overthrowing the national bourgeois States, in order to pave the way to the Socialist United States of Europe and to world communism.

GKK / Austria

GMI / France

IKC / Spanish State

PD / Turkey