Open borders! Right of movement and of residence for all!

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Macron, Conte, Merkel and Sanchez repel the migrants from Europe

Under the pressure of the emerging trade world war, Trump, May, Xi, Poutine, and the leaders of the European powers, who are purportedly united in the EU, take acts and measures to ban the migrants from entering their territory. On the 11th of June, the ultranationalist new Italian government (M5I-League) and its Interior Minister, Salvani, repelled the SOS Mediterranean’s Aquarius while rescuing 639 people from Libya. The boat was not hosted by Macron in France and he finally took refuge the 17th of June in Valencia, in Spain.

In such a situation, if the reception of the boat in Spain appeared as a release, the reality is that the new Spanish Prime Minister Pédro Sanchez (PSOE) just confirmed that it will take one month and half before the migrants suffer the act against immigration. It allows the police to repel the migrants’ boats (notably from Morocco), to repel the migrants in Morocco’s Spanish enclaves (Ceuto and Menilla), and to send any undocumented people in a detention center during 60 days before deportation. The PP-PSOE-CiU Extranjera Act has nothing to envy to the Macron “Asylum and Immigration” Act. The latter was adopted in February 2018, it extends the jail delays, it reduces all the appeals and the rights of the migrants who are threatened with jail if using illegal papers. The Aquarius’ migrants in France and in Spain, will not be able to live decently in Europe, as well as the 2.4 million asylum seekers since 2015, who are sometimes expelled and most often are undocumented. They account for less than 1% of Europe’s population. More than 3 700 migrants died in the Mediterranean in 2017.

After having hosted more than one million workers since 2015, capitalist Germany, as the ruling power in Europe, intends to send the migrants back to the countries of arrival. Under the pressure of the nationalistic wave -through the fascistic AfD- the CDU-SPD government led by Merkel intends to strictly enforce the deportations to the EU borders, as well as directing the migrants who arrived since 2015 to the toughest and the most casual jobs. As demonstrated by the governments of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, the European labour market can dispense with this labour force. Walls are built for repelling the migrants, acts are condemning those who help them. Not only capitalism in every country forces a part of the working class and of youth into misery, but it also points them as scapegoats! Anti-migrants agreements already exist with the dictator Erdoğan and with the Minister Tsipras (Syriza) for letting them rotting in Turkey (3.9 million) and in the Greek islands. Since 2017, the Italian government supports the Libyan coastguards and the EU supplied Libya with military ships intended to block the arrival of workers and young people, who are suffering forced labour and rapes.

The migrations are caused by the capitalist exploitation and war

Every State in the World uses its police and justice against the migrants who escape from misery and war that are imposed by the big imperialist powers (China, USA, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain…) to entire regions of the world. While the Collomb Act allows the incarceration of children, Trump undertakes the separation of children from their parents migrating from Mexico, even if he had to step back in view of the outcry. Yet millions Latin Americans risk their life at the Mexican border for avoiding dying of destitution. Every bourgeoisie is using nationalism and xenophobia for dividing the working class and for pointing the foreigners as being responsible for the economic slump caused by capital. The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban just recently passed an act sentencing to jail the activists rescuing migrants. The Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurtz announced a possibly future “volunteer’s axis in the fight against illegal immigration” with Germany and Italy. In Italy, Salvini called for “cleaning the country street by street” from its illegal migrants.

While they repel the migrant workers, these big powers are at the forefront to defend their market shares and their large corporations. For the profit of their shareholders, their police and army take action against the strikes and the anticapitalist struggles. The large capitalist corporations and their respective States are doing exactly the same in the dominated countries for overexploiting the masses while delegating to henchmen the country’s security. If any president or prime minister does no longer fit, military intervention becomes an option, like in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in the Central African Republic or in Ivory Coast.

Workers’ United Front for open borders!

Against the wave of repression on the migrants in Europe and elsewhere, the responsibility of the workers’ movement (parties and unions) is not to champion the reactionary policies of closing borders and of deportations; it is to fight for the unity of the working class, whether it is documented or not, migrant or not. For defending the rights of all the workers -whether they are economic or political refugees- to move and to settle, with same rights as the local workers, the workers’ movement must declare war in nationalism, on fascism and on xenophobia, as the Communist Manifesto did in its own time: Workers of the world, unite! Such is the only catchword opening a perspective to the migrants and to Humanity.

In every country such a struggle will raise the issue of the same rights for all, and it will have to raise the issue of a workers’ power, which only is able to ensure the economic development on the people’s behalf, the borders’ opening, the right of settlement and move for all within the Socialist United States of Europe.

Permanent Revolution Collective

IKC / Spanish State

June 22nd 2018