Free entry in Europe for refugees from East Africa and West Asia!

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In Europe, governments and the media commemorate, in the name of democracy, the end of World War 2. Beside young workers in uniform who died by the millions, the civilian population had paid the price of it: bombings, forced displacements and migrations, rapes, detention in camps, ethnical extermination…

Barbarity has not disappeared with the victory of the Red Army over the nazi regime. In April 2015, there are 38 millions people displaced in their own country. There are more than 14 millions refugees, having left their country for reasons of war or persecution. In 20 years, 30 000 people died in the Mediterranean sea while attempting to join European coasts. On 23 April, 800 people died in a single shipwreck. 600 000 people are imprisoned, without having committed a single offence, in « containment camps for migrants ». The « démocratic » European bourgeois governments of Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Renzi, Rajoy… apply the program of the Pegida, FN, BNP, UKIP, FPO, PS (True Finnish), Jobbik, XA (Golden Dawn), PVV, SD…: apartheid and genocide of Arabs and Blacks.

Responsability lies not only with capitalist scoundrels who manage the clandestine traffic. It is beforehand that of the respectable European bourgeoisies that close the borders of their State. Each establishes its rules: for example, the French State committed itself to receive 500 Syrian refugees, while Jordan receives 620 000, and Lebanon 1.15 million, Turkey 1.7 million. When European democratic bourgeoisies collaborate, they don’t do it to help the refugees, but to turn them back through the Frontex purview. Other great powers (United States, China, Japan, Russia…) restrict also access by the poor to their territory. Thus, 10 000 migrants from Latin America died during the last 20 years while attempting to pass the border between Mexico and the United States. 6 000 migrants from Burma and Bangladesh nowadays wander in the Gulf of Bengal. On the other hand, without speaking of capital, the richest people circulate freely throughout the whole planet in yacht and in private jet.

The world imperialist system, that is, the world capitalist groups and the States that serve the interests of capitalists of their country (United States, China, Germany, Japan, France, Great Britain, Russia…), maintain the greatest part of the world in misery. The imperialist States, not only test their means of destruction on the populations of Africa and Asia, but sell them to all bourgeois States, as far as the most despotic and islamist ones, as illustrated by the trip of Hollande to Ryad on 4 and 5 May.

Sometimes, great powers and their UNO impose blockades (yesterday to Iraq, today to Iran) to the detriment of populations. Imperialist States intervene militarily in dominated countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Mali…). Regional powers (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel…) that are linked to some of them take part in wars in other countries (Syria, Iraq, Yemen…), or even colonize (Palestine). Lastly, islamo-fascist gangs encouraged initially by the United States, Israel, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies attack the labour movement, women, religious and national minorities…

Since its appearance, the human species has always moved. All our ancestors come from East Africa. The most advanced country in the world, by its economy, science and technique, the United States, is born of multiple migrations, recent on a historical scale. But decadent capitalism is unable to overcome the obstacle to progress constituted by national borders, particularly in Europe, and the majority of each national bourgeoisie chooses today to divide workers by nationality. All bourgeois parties in the world foster backward nationalism and cultivate xenophobia. Liberalism is applied only against public services, only against workers; on the other hand, the majority of humanity does not have the right to cross borders of dominant countries and to enjoy legal equality.

Only the working class is today progressive. Only it can break with declining capitalism, for which there are too many human beings opposite perspectives of profit, only it can secure the development of dominated countries, satisfy all basic needs through collectivization of the means of production and planification by producers, take care of the environment of mankind.

Migrant workers are part of the working class for the same reason as the original national component, their struggle is the same. Indeed, the task to unite the working class and to raise up again the flag of international solidarity is made more difficult by the surrender of the existing organizations of workers (trade unions and parties) in front of their own bourgeoisie. Syriza has accomplished a step forward by transforming Greek containment camps into a rest centre. Quite to the contrary, the PCF, PdG, DL, PTB, LO, SPEW, IU, CPB… refuse to declare themselves for the opening of borders. Worse, the French PS, the Belgian PS, the SPD, LP, SPO, PSOE… are ready for more restriction to the circulation of human beings. It is necessary, in order to bring to conclusion the expropriation of the capitalist minority that leads again the world to barbarity, to build the workers’ international and a revolutionary party in each country. Now, the duty of workers’ organizations, in particular wage workers’ and students’ trade unions, is to call for:

  • No bombing of Libyan harbours! Stopping of imperialist bombings of Syria and Iraq!
  • Freedom for workers and students of all countries to travel, to work and to study in all countries! Repeal of all xenophobic laws against migrants! Same rights for all workers, women and men!
  • Dissolution of Frontex! Closing of containment camps! Liberation of all prisoners without crime and without offence!

Permanent Revolution Collective