Socialism or barbarism!

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The 2008-2009 financial and economic crisis has been temporarily overcome on the world scale through the gifts from the capitalist States to their banking groups and car companies. Yet such palliatives incubate new crises. In the United States and in China, the economic growth is slowing down. In Japan and in Europe the recession is going on. Some European countries (Portugal, Spain, Greece…) are still collapsing.

The survival of capitalism leads to the worst social regression. For preserving its profits, each bourgeoisie wages a war against the workers, against the youth, against the foreigners… This is an endless process: within the fierce competition between each other, any step forward taken by some bourgeoisie against the waged workers must be immediately caught up and overtaken by the others.

The survival of capitalism amounts to a worsening of inequalities and of waste, until absurdity: on the one hand, everything is missing, on the other hand, too much commodities are being produced, in disregard of human beings and of resources.

The survival of capitalism amounts to the arms race, to tensions in East Asia, to military interventions of imperialist powers for the preservation of their interests all over the world, including Africa. The Zionist State keeps colonizing Jerusalem and the West Bank, it stifles the economy of the occupied territories with the assistance of the Islamist Egyptian government, it strikes Gaza whenever it wants. The Israeli army even threatens to attack Iran, under the blessing of the Democratic Party’s government of the United States, which the social democrats and the remains of Stalinism present as progressive.

The survival of capitalism amounts to the aggravation of nationalisms and of xenophobia, to the resurgence of fascistic or fascist parties, of clerical parties, which all raise the workers against each other in order to protect the wealthy and the exploiters. In Greece, the fascists of Golden Dawn, which are funded by the capitalists and helped by the police, physically attack immigrant workers, used as scapegoats.

Everywhere the workers, the youth, the women try to resist, but the fight is become harder because of the betrayals of the unions leaderships and of the “reformists” parties. Wherever “labor”, “socialist” or “communist” parties exist, they pretend that elections would allow an improvement of capitalism. When they get to power, they lead the same policies, both within and outside, than the bourgeois parties. The government ANC-South African Communist Party shot on striking miners. The government Socialist Party-Radical Party-Greens wages an imperialist war in Mali (and the PCF and the PdG did not vote against it).

In China, since the Stalinist bureaucracy restored capitalism, the PCC is just the cover-up of the capitalists. Through his “union” and through police suppression, the government of the Chinese “Communist” Party tries to hold back the huge proletariat which started fighting for limiting the brutal exploitation and which, in doing so, threatens the totalitarian regime itself.

Worldwide, in the name of the national interest, the union bureaucracies accept to discuss the attacks of the bosses and of the governments at their service. When the social relations become tense, they channel the anger in “days of action” site by site in order to prevent the general strike which would raise the force of the proletariat against the bosses and against the bourgeois State. For Greece, we must add the frenzied division of the workers by the Stalinist party KKE and by its union, PAME.

The renewal of bourgeois nationalism did not break with imperialism, even in Venezuela and in Bolivia, and it certainly did harm neither the capitalists’ nor the landowners’ property. In Northern Africa and in Middle-East, the workers and youth have raised against unemployment, against corruption, against police suppression and against submission to the imperialist powers, both from regimes stemming from bourgeois Pan-Arabism and from clerical monarchies. In Tunisia and in Egypt, masses succeeded in discarding dictatorships. Yet they have to face Islamist parties which defend private ownership, with the support of the army and the police. If the Russian and the Chinese imperialism still support the Baath’s bloody regime, the US and European imperialisms bet on the Islamists in Syria, as well as in Tunisia, in Egypt and in Libya, for crushing the social revolution.

The spontaneous struggles show the right way, but, only by themselves, they cannot ensure the overthrow of capitalism and open the perspective of world socialism. This requires parties that are really communist, internationalist, all united in a revolutionary workers’ international. Such parties will be founded on the program of the independence of the working class related to other classes in the society, of the struggle against the capitalist class, and of the alliance with the peasantry and with the youth under training.

Workers of the world, unite for the workers’ and popular councils, for workers’ governments based on the councils, for the socialist revolution, for the destruction of the bourgeois States, for the expropriation of the capitalists groups and of the big landowners.

May 1st 2013
Bureau of the Permanent Revolution Collective