Open Letter to RMG / South Africa and LC / Brazil

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Dear comrades of the Revolutionary Marxist Group and of the Liga Comunista

According to a British paper you have approved a statement which called Libyan workers to support and rejoin the so-called “revolutionary committees”:

Build Revolutionary Committees in all work-places, colleges and regions against Imperialist intervention! (Socialist Fight n° 6, p. 14)

Of course, we have to oppose imperialist intervention in Libya which still goes on in Sirte. But we hope you did not know that “revolutionary committees” were like the so-called “guardians of revolution” in Iran, that is to say shock troops against workers and youth. After the burning of Marxist books, the banning of unions and strikes, the bourgeois despot Gaddafi launched from the top of bourgeois state his militia and single party

Revolutionary Committees run prisons with little or no documentation of the inmate population or of such basic data as crime and sentence. Revolutionary committees dispense justice, targeting, in particular,
participants of the Basic Peoples’ Congresses who voice opposition to the state’s agenda.
(Middle East Quarterly, Winter 2006)

Appearance of revolutionary committees in late 1977 marked a further evolution of the political system. In response to Qadhafi’s promptings, revolutionary committees sprang up in offices, schools, businesses, and in the armed forces. Carefully selected, they were estimated at 3,000 to 4,000 members in 1985. These supposedly spontaneous groups, made up of zealous, mostly youthful individuals with modest education, functioned as the watchdogs of the regime and guides for the people’s committees and popular congresses.. (Metz, Libya a country study, Library of Congress, 1987)

Since 1977, the “revolutionary committees” ensure an “ideological control” on the people, animate the meetings of the Popular Committees and, since 1979, select openly the delegates. They infiltrate also the army and the General Congress, controls the press…. The Movement of revolutionary committees appears as a state into ht state. It counts more than 300,000 members and 30,000 militiamen; it is at the same time the police, the political police and the single party which organizes the demonstrations of support for the Guide. (Najjar, Anatomie d’un tyran, Mouammar Kadhafi, Actes Sud, 2011, p. 58-59)

Bolshevik greetings,

Political Bureau of the Permanent Revolution Collective