Archives Mensuelles: March 2019

Out with the regime of thieves and corrupts of the FLN!

All power to workers in Algeria! Despite demonstrations that had already marked the announcement of the fourth mandate of Abdelaziz Bouteflika in 2014, the cliques of the FLN and the army, unable to agree on a replacement, believed that they could quietly renew the operation in April 2019 by reusing the quasi-mummy of a sick […]

Make room for working women!

All reactionary bourgeois political movements that appear and develop on the planet—from Trump in the United States or Bolsonaro in Brazil to the xenophobic and fascist parties in Europe, through jihadism and islamist dictatorships—concentrate their most heinous political attacks against the rights of women. The latter constitute everywhere, with migrants, ethnical and sexual minorities, the […]