Turkey: Kadir Çınar sentenced to more than 1½ year of prison for a crime of opinion

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On April 29, the police arrested in Bursa (Turkey) the catering worker and internationalist communist militant Kadir Çınar, accused of having shared on social networks positions for the rights of the Kurdish people. Imprisoned since, he was judged on August 14. The tribunal at the orders of the Islamist government inflicted on him a sentence of one year, 6 months and 22 days. His sentence was not deferred because of a previous suspended sentence of 10 months. As he spent 3 months and a half in prison and the remaining sentence was less than one year, he was granted parole.

Thanks to all workers’ organisations that protested against his arrest and his detention.

Freedom for all prisoners of the movement of workers and of oppressed peoples!

Respect of fundamental democratic freedoms!

Right of the Kurdish people to separate from the Turkish State and to establish a State with other Kurds of the region!

International Bureau of the Permanent Revolution Collective