Archives Mensuelles: May 2019

American imperialism and Zionist State, hands off Iran!

Since it relatively lost some influence and since it suffered several defeats, the US imperialist rule over the world has become more brutal. Hence the hostility over multilateral negotiations and over the WTO, the multiplication of protectionist measures, the denunciation of previous treaties, raging militarism… The US State cannot occupy militarily Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia […]

Algeria: stop repression, free Louisa Hanoune!

The massive protests of the Algerian population against the regime and its corruption led to a cosmetic change. General Salah and the staff, who were hitherto the faithful allies of the Bouteflika clan, turned against him. Television showed on May 5 the arrival of three personalities at the military tribunal of Blida: the brother of […]

Sudan: for revolution to triumph

A bourgeoisie unable to unify the country At the time of official independence (1956), the nascent Sudanese bourgeoisie divides itself politically between two options. One stakes on religion to dominate other classes; it is embodied in several movements: the Umma (born in 1945), hostile to Egypt, and also the Muslim Brotherhood of the Islamic Chart […]

Workers of all countries, let us unite!

The masses of Algeria and Sudan rise up against the tyrannical regimes of their privileged bourgeoisie, that of the FLN and the army in one case, that of Islamism and the political police in the other. Thousands of worker activists have broken with the confederal leaders of the COSATU and with the SACP “Communist” Party […]